Business Environment

The Fergus, Elora and Arthur area has a diverse economy in three main areas of industrial, commercial, and agricultural. In a recent study, Centre Wellington was highlighted as having the highest percentage of creative industries in Southwest Ontario. In our retail community, we have many boutique shopping experiences that offer exceptional personal service. We also have a variety of larger name brand chain stores.

The Fergus, Elora and Arthur area is one of Ontario’s emerging agri-culinary destinations. You can experience local food products through the cycle from the farm, to the processor and to the plate prepared by one of our incredible chefs trained from around the world. This trend to local food is providing residents and visitors alike the opportunity to eat fresh, healthy food from right here in our backyard.

Most products and services that you need can be found in Centre Wellington or in the nearby larger urban centres of Guelph or Waterloo Region. The community also has many tourist attractions both manmade and natural from Museums, Raceways & Slots, Theatre and Cinema.