Artisan Studios
Artists flocked to the Fergus and Elora area in the sixties to explore their creativity in the gorgeous natural setting. Today the area continues to be home to artists of all mediums. Shoppers will find unique pieces of art, and are able to step into the studios to see the creative process in the making.

Historic Shopping District - Elora
The village of Elora is a picturesque view of small boutiques and specialty shops, full of the charm and character of historic buildings, with a flowing river running through it.

Historic Shopping District - Fergus
The shops of downtown Fergus are nestled in an area rich in architectural history, with limestone buildings and one of the most spectacular views of the Grand River alongside the rivers edge. From clothing boutiques to art supplies, fine jewellery and handcrafted furniture, store owners have the expertise to impress the savviest shoppers.

Sussman’s of Arthur
Sussman’s of Arthur is 40,000 sq.ft of women’s and men’s business and casual fashion wear. Sussman’s is one of Canada’s largest independent owned clothiers. Sussman’s has been in operation for over 100 years and attracts customer from all over Southern Ontario.

Shopping Centres
Centre Wellington has all the benefits of small town life with many of the amenities of major urban centres. The community has familiar stores with major brands and selections.