Michael Kam, MD

Dr. Kam graduated from the University of Western Ontario (UWO) in Bio-Physics. He completed his Medical training at UWO and Residency training in Thunder Bay. Dr. Kam always wanted to work in a Rural practice somewhere in South Western Ontario and began working in the Minto-Mapleton area in 2000.

Why Minto-Mapleton?
"I chose this area because it is a young, vibrant community that is rural without the isolation. The community provides a good blend of practice opportunity, low cost of living, easy access to major urban cities and great income potential. There is wide variety of choice in both recreational and cultural activities that are of interest to me.

Christine Peterkin, MD

Dr. Peterkin graduated from McGill Faculty of Medicine in 2001. Following her two years of McGill residency training in family medicine, Dr. Peterkin did a six month fellowship in maternal and child health. During her first year of residency, Dr. Peterkin attended a Health Care Recruitment fair and became interested in Drayton after meeting Minto-Mapleton representatives. Dr. Peterkin always knew she wanted a rural practice where she could "do it all" (obstetrics, emerg, inpatient, clinic work and OR assisting). The following year when she was looking for potential areas to work, Drayton came to mind for both her and her husband. She contacted the Minto-Mapleton representatives and she was swept off of her feet. Both Dr. Peterkin and her husband fell in love with the area and were so impressed at the dedication of the people to recruitment. The welcoming attitude and sincere appreciation of even the prospect of acquiring a new physician was phenomenal. Dr. Peterkin knew right away that Drayton was a place that she would be needed and appreciated.

Why Minto-Mapleton?
"In my pursuit of a career in family medicine, it has always been my desire to have a rural practice in a warm community with appreciative clientele and supportive staff. Minto-Mapleton fulfilled these criteria above my expectations and I am proud to call it home."

Chris Cressey, MD

Dr. Cressey received his medical degree from McGill University. He was always interested in a rural family practice and came to Ontario, with family in tow, to set-up a practice. Dr. Cressey toured several communities before deciding on working in Palmerston. He has worked in Palmerston for over 23 years.

Why Minto-Mapleton?
"The medical politics was, and still is, benign in the Minto-Mapleton medical community. The “non-political” working environment definitely appealed to me. As a physician in the Minto community I am able to provide a wide scope of skills, be responsible for my patients and consultants are available if needed. Physicians in Minto-Mapleton have generous incomes and low overhead expenses. The community itself is a great place to raise kids – plenty of opportunities and great schools!"

Dan Reilly MD, FRCSC, MHSc (Bioethics)
After earning his B.Sc. in Biology with Honours at Redeemer University College in 1996, Dr. Dan Reilly entered Medical School at Queen’s University. In 2005, upon completion of his FRCSC in Obstetrics and Gynecology, Dr. Reilly joined the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at McMaster University part time and began his practice at Groves Memorial Community Hospital in Fergus and Palmerston and District Hospital. In 2007 he earned his Masters, Health Sciences in Bioethics from the University of Toronto.

Why Minto-Mapleton?
"I have a keen interest in Rural healthcare, Bioethics in general/rural practice and Bioethics and religious/cultural minorities. Working in both Fergus and Palmerston allows me to maintain this interest."