Enjoy the historic downtowns of Minto and Mapleton, which feature live theatre, shopping and restaurants.

Drayton Theatre is one of Canada's most successful professional theatre companies. Throughout the year Drayton Theatre presents the finest in musicals, comedies and dramas. The Drayton Festival Theatre is a renovated 1902 Opera House, boasting wonderful acoustic qualities. This former Town Hall has a rich history of entertaining audiences with the finest talent in professional theatre. www.draytonentertainment.com

The Basement Café is a three times yearly coffee house style concert held in the lower level auditorium of the Harriston Public Library. The Café is growing into a much talked about and anticipated local event. This concert event has featured wonderful Canadian performers such as James Gordon, Ian Tamblyn, Richard Knechtel, Juanita Wilkins, Katherine Wheatley, and Wendell Ferguson to name just a few. Held in an intimate setting, these concerts offer an opportunity for the audience to experience an “up close and personal” performance from top-notch Canadian musicians, and likewise, gives performers a venue to really communicate with an enthusiastic and attentive crowd. www.mintoartscouncil.ca

The Harriston Town Hall Theatre and Grey Wellington Theatre Guild has been staging both well-known favourites and innovative modern shows for more than three decades. On many occasions, a children’s Christmas production has been added to the schedule, while the guild has also staged special historical productions during the spring and summer months to coincide with major local celebrations.

A variety of special performances are hosted at the Palmerston Norgan Theatre including, monthly film festivals, comedy nights, concerts and seminars. www.norgantheatre.com