History & Heritage

Minto-Mapleton illustrates a layering of its history, culture and heritage. Historic landscapes and buildings are a focus of Minto-Mapleton’s heritage. Travelling the areas country roads you will travel back and forth in time discovering Mennonites in horse and buggies, historic playhouses and new residential buildings to support the new generations of these growing communities. The importance of history is evident in the communities with local museums and galleries.

The Minto Heritage Gallery is a nonprofit, volunteer-run art gallery founded in 1996 and opened on May 22, 1997 in the upper floor of the historic Harriston Carnegie Public Library. The gallery is committed to showcasing local and distant artistic talent collections, along with historical and educational displays. www.mintoartcouncil.ca

The Palmerston Railway Heritage Museum was one of the first buildings in Palmerston and was built in 1871. The Palmerston Railway Heritage Museum Association has turned the station into a museum of railway memorabilia. Almost all of the displays have been donated by railway workers or their families. The museum is also home to the Town of Minto Heritage Association which has research materials available for genealogical research. The station is home to the famous handcar races and the handcars are available for rides.