Anne Lu, MD, CCFP
Dr. Lu graduated with a B.Sc.(Hons) in Microbiology from the University of Guelph and received her medical degree from the University of Toronto. She completed her Rural Family Medicine Residency with McMaster University and Anaesthesia Fellowship at University of Western Ontario. Dr. Lu’s Residency training was in Mount Forest and once here she quickly realized the medical staff is an easy going, supportive and friendly group to work with.

Why Mount Forest?
"I enjoy working in the new Medical clinic that is fully computerized with easy to use Electronic Medical Records. Having the medical clinic located directly across from the hospital is ideal. I enjoy the friendly community of Mount Forest and interacting with the Mennonites. The Wellington North area provides plenty of recreational opportunities that I enjoy such as kayaking and hiking."

John Reaume, MD, CCFP, CCFP(EM), FCFP

Dr. Reaume received his medical degree from University of Western Ontario and completed his Residency Training from McMaster University. In 2001, Dr. Reaume completed one additional year of speciality training in Emergency Medicine through McMaster’s CCFP(EM) Residency Training Program. He has also completed fellowships in Family Medicine and with the Society of Rural Physicians of Canada. Dr. Reaume was awarded the Gerry Cohen Resident teaching Award in 2009 and the Rural Ontario Undergraduate Preceptor of the Year Award in 2008.

Why Mount Forest?
"After completing my Residency Training I provided locums for two years in various Rural Ontario communities. This gave my wife and I an opportunity to “try out” communities. After working in various small towns we arrived in Mount Forest. The Medical Staff in Mount Forest were the most cohesive working group which was very unique compared to the other communities I had worked in. The Medical Staff in Mount Forest were the founders of the Society of Rural Physicians of Canada (SRPC) – an organization born out of the desire to live long and prosper as a Rural Physician. The SRPC’s mission is to provide leadership for rural physicians and to promote sustainable conditions and equitable health care for rural communities. This type of attitude and work ethic was appealing to me because it provides an optimum work-life balance for the physician and their family and ultimately provides the best care for patients. The community of Mount Forest is ideal – it is located in the middle of everywhere. There is easy access to urban centres for shopping and entertainment and Mount Forest is the gateway to Grey and Bruce County for all outdoor recreation activities. The low cost of living allows you to buy a castle on a hill in Mount Forest. This is an ideal place to raise a family as there are less places to find trouble and plenty of activities to keep kids busy."

Dr. Chris Rowley, MD, CCFP

Dr. Rowley completed his Bachelor of Arts degree at Cambridge University in England. He received his medical degree from University of Ottawa and completed his Residency Training at University of Western Ontario. Dr. Rowley has worked in Mount Forest for ten years and is the Chief of Staff of North Wellington Health Care.

Why Mount Forest?
"I wanted to work in a community the size of Mount Forest – which helped me to determine the type of practice. I also knew I wanted to work and live North of London and West of Toronto. This helped to narrow my search. I came to Mount Forest, met with the Docs and felt it was the right choice for me and my family.

I like living in a small town as it ties into work nicely. Practicing in a large urban centre you can get lost. In a small town people know you and you get to know the people. As a physician in Mount Forest I feel appreciated and people actually say “thank you.” You can make a big difference in a small community.

From a personal perspective I like raising my family in a rural community. We have easy access to theatre, recreation, restaurants and shopping. It is the best of both worlds."

Dr. Hugh Perrin, MD, CCFP

Dr. Perrin received his medical degree from University of Western Ontario and completed his Residency Training at North York General Hospital. He knew after completing his Residency training that he wanted to join a “group” practice with colleagues around the same age. Dr. Perrin met with the Mount Forest physician’s and decided to try out working in their group practice for a year. 27 ½ year’s later Dr. Perrin is still happily working in Mount Forest.

Why Mount Forest?
"I enjoy working in Mount Forest because it allows me to practise all of my skills to my full potential and there is always variety in my work. I also like the fact that I am known in the community and have a reputation as a quality physician and person – this means a lot to me.

Mount Forest is ideally situated to large urban centres such as Toronto, London, Stratford and cottage country. I like being able to decide to go to the theatre on a whim and can easily do so. I also appreciated the type of property that was available to me in Mount Forest. I was able to purchase a large area of land and easily pay off the mortgage in years - not life times!